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At Thomas More College, the academic life is founded upon the principle expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas that “the vision of the teacher is the beginning of teaching,” that is, that the source or principle of the transmission of knowledge and wisdom is the teacher’s own contemplative life. The College takes its motto, Caritas congaudet veritati—Charity rejoices in the Truth—from the ideal of a common pursuit of wisdom. As wisdom—human and divine—is a common good, it is the common end of the whole community, faculty and students. There is, therefore, one curriculum for all, without division into specialties or departments. Since human wisdom is attained through reflection upon our experience of the world and deepened and refined through conversation with our ancestors, our program of studies encourages students and faculty alike to refine the experience of their senses, to hone and train the powers of their minds, and to follow attentively the development of human culture by the reading of great works from Classical and Christian civilization. Our ideal is simple: to sit at the banquet table of the wise, together with Sophocles and Cicero, Augustine and Dante, Shakespeare and Eliot. And since divine wisdom is gained by reflection upon the Word of God, as transmitted and interpreted by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church and the living Magisterium, our common academic life culminates in the reading of Holy Scripture and reflection upon the great works of Catholic theology.

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